Underwater life whales

A group of researchers from Stanford University have managed to develop an unusual device. They plan to observe underwater life whales, because the device is completely painless is mounted on the back of a mammal by means of suction cups, without causing him any discomfort. Now scientists may like to accompany the majestic animals during their swimming and feeding, earlier science was not available in the absence of such technologies.

First honored to carry on the back of the Stanford instrument was awarded to the family plastikovyh whales (Balaenoptera), which include the humpback and the blue whale. Scientists were able to catch animals when they surfaced at the time of feeding, and using the pole to mount the camera on the back of one of them. As you know, adult whales eat very ingenious way: they swallow entire schools of fish along with sea water, and then filtered through the filter apparatus, the water dumped back into the environment.

“The process of feeding cetaceans is greatly simplified through an integrated set of biomechanical and anatomical features of the body. Whales are able to swallow the amount of water and food, far exceeding the amount of their own body. For example, a large blue whale at a time swallows a volume of water comparable with large pool or a school bus, and it all occurs in seconds,” shares with journalists the co-author of the study Jeremy Goldbogen.

Whales can dive up to 300 meters deep, while holding the breath for 12 minutes or more. Who knows what scientists could hide such a big body of water. But now they will be able quietly to observe the life of these amazing marine animals in their natural habitat.

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