Unique cases which the medicine in 2016 faced

Unique medical cases provide a comprehension of how the human body and as doctors functions solve medical secrets. Read about 16 strange and interesting occurences which the medicine in 2016 faced.

Pepper ghost leads to a rupture of a gullet

Pepper ghost are one of the sharpest views of Chile in the world. the 47-year-old man from California felt all flame force of this pepper after ate a hamburger.

After food at the man vomiting which could not be stopped began. It was so strong that in his gullet the hole was formed. If a similar state not to treat, it almost always comes to an end with death. The man spent 23 days in hospital.

Syndrome Rapunzel

The 38-year-old woman began to complain of nausea and inability to hold any food. These symptoms were caused by incredibly infrequent state which is called a syndrome Rapunzel.

This syndrome called in honor of the tale of the princess with the incredibly lengthiest hair arises when the person in a stomach has a lump from hair which tail passes in intestines. Its emergence is caused by an alienation under the name a trikhofagiya at which people busily eat characteristic hair.

In the described case doctors removed two lumps of hair in the surgical path. The first of them found in a stomach had the size of 15 by 10 centimeters, and his tail passed in a small intestine. The second lump was found in a small intestine of the woman, its sizes – 3 by 4 centimeters.

Set of birthmarks

On a body of the 48-year-old woman within several months appeared thousands of birthmarks, and doctors could not understand why.

This state is called an eruptivny nevus. It is very infrequent, but known to medicine, according to the doctor who treated the woman. The state can be caused by change of level of hormones, some medicinal preparations or problems with immune system. Nevertheless, any of these reasons cannot explain the birthmarks which appeared at the woman.

Some birthmarks, though not everything, can signal about emergence of cancer. The woman will probably need lifelong overseeing by skin, according to the doctors treating her.

The sting of a wasp caused a stroke in the man

An hour later after the 44-year-old man was stung by a wasp while it worked at the street, it had several strong indications of a stroke, including difficulty of the speech, paralysis on one side of a body and “sagging” of the person.

There are several reasons of why the sting of a wasp can lead to a stroke, according to the report on a case. For example, some connections in aspens poison can lead to fibrillation that causes a stroke. Or, if the person has an allergic reaction to a sting, its blood pressure can fall that leads to decrease in inflow of blood to the head.

In case of the man the reason for which the sting of a wasp led to a stroke remained the unknown. The person recovered and feels well, according to the doctors treating him.

Disease of bones because of love to purity

The 28-year-old man received infrequent type of a disease of bones which is called a skeleton fluorosis, because of its habit to often clear the computer. The disease causes increase in density of bones of the person that can lead to their deformation.

The fluorosis of a skeleton prevails in some parts of the world where the level of fluorides in potable water too high. Nevertheless this disease seldom meets in North America and Europe therefore it was difficult for the doctors treating the man to find out what served as a cause of illness.

Finally it turned out that the man often breathed an aerosol for cleaning of the computer from dust. Spray contains substance under the name ethylene difluoride which consists of elements of carbon, Hydrogenium and fluorine. The man could overcome the habit to inhale an aerosol and underwent an operation on the defective hip joints.

The snake bite led to loss of an olfaction

After the man in Australia was bitten by a venomous snake, he lost an olfaction on more than year. the 30-year-old man at first went to hospital after he was bitten by a snake. It was given antidote because doctors did not consider its symptoms rather serious to use padding drugs.

But in several days after a sting he noticed that his olfaction begins to worsen, and within several weeks he completely lost this ability.

The man swallowed the mobile phone

The prisoner in Ireland swallowed the mobile phone, and doctors experienced difficulties with removal it by means of routine approaches.

Initially they waited for 18 clocks to see whether phone will move through digestive tract of the man, but it remained in his stomach.

Doctors tried to take phone, having pulled it through a gullet up, using medical tools, such as tweezers and similar devices, but could not level it properly to extend from a stomach. Eventually the mobile phone was deleted in the surgical path.

Blindness because of the smartphone

There are many reasons to stop using the smartphone in a bedroom including a temporary blindness. Two not bound among themselves women in the United Kingdom saw doctors because of problems with vision on one eye when they were in a bed at night.

But these problems with vision appeared only after women looked at screens of smartphones within several minutes, lying edgewise.

Doctors consider: the problem appeared because women used smartphones lying edgewise when one eye was blocked by a pillow. In this situation, an eye which they looked at the smartphone adapted to light, and the eye blocked by a pillow to darkness. When the smartphone was switched off, an eye which already adapted earlier to light could not pass, did not get used to darkness yet.

Case of a temporary kleptomania

Though surprises nobody that the cosmetic surgery has some ghost effects, the 40-year-old woman from Brazil did not expect that she will leave hospital after operation with a temporary alienation.

In several days after operation which included lifting of a stomach and increase in a breast was performed, the woman had an insuperable thirst for thefts. The most probable explanation of these symptoms the woman can have fact that at some point in time or right after operation she suffered from poor inflow of blood to a brain, according to one of the doctors treating her.

It could lead to injury of a brain that, in turn, provoked kleptomania symptoms. The defective brain of the woman eventually was restored, and her neurologic symptoms passed.

The 6-meter tapeworm found “house”

Intestines of the 38-year-old Chinese remained “house” for a tapeworm within more than two years. By then, when diagnosed an infection for the man, the parasite – a bull tapeworm – grew to 6 meters in length. The man, most likely, caught a tapeworm as ate crude beef.

The tapeworm can live in intestines of the person for many years, without causing any symptoms. At the man, nevertheless, such symptoms as an abdominal pain, a lose of weight and vomiting therefore he saw a doctor were shown.

Mysterious reason of a hiccups

What are you doing, when your hiccups does not pass? the 35-year-old man addressed to hospital three times as he faced this problem. The first two times attributed it medicine to facilitate a hiccups. It is used in that a case if it lasts longer, than two days. Nevertheless the hiccups continued to come back.

And only during the third visit doctors found out that the man had a tumor in the tail of a neck which clamped his diaphragmal nerve. This nerve sends signals from a brain to a diaphragm – a muscle slightly lower than lungs which controls respiration.

As the tumor squeezed a nerve, it sent the broken signals to a diaphragm, forcing it to be reduced involuntarily, as led to a hiccups.

Cyst of the size of a basketball

The young woman in England complained of an abdominal pain and overfilling of a stomach, but assumed that its symptoms were caused by an obesity. But when the woman began to complain of pains in the left-hand side, doctors conducted ultrasonic examination as they suspected that pain can be caused by stones in kidneys.

However instead of stones doctors found a cyst of the size of a basketball on the woman’s ovary. The prime ultrasonic test – all this that was necessary for detection of a cyst. Nevertheless her family doctor considered the reason of pains excess weight.

The first case of death from a spider hermit sting in Europe

The woman from Italy died shortly after it was bitten by the Mediterranean spider hermit, the relative of the well-known brown spider hermit found in the United States.

It is the first case of death because of a sting of this species of a spider. Its poison is toxiferous for red blood cages which are responsible for transfer of oxygen in blood. Without enough red blood cages bodies do not receive necessary for them amount of oxygen.

Antidote from a sting of a spider hermit is inaccessible in Italy so the only thing, than doctors could help, is to provide a maintenance therapy. In other words, they tried to eliminate symptoms and to support life until the body gets rid of poison. Nevertheless the woman died 12 clocks later after receipt in hospital.

Benefit from delivery of donor blood

Blood donation is a good way to help others, but for the 83-year-old man it turned back personal benefit.

The man regularly took a blood test within about 20 years. And only recently he learned that this act of kindness helped it to keep characteristic life. As it appeared, the man has a heritable state which is called a hemochromatosis. It is characterized by the fact that forces a body to absorb too large amount of iron from food.

Excess of iron in an organism can have extensive consequences, including injury of a liver. The only way of treatment of this disease – removal of iron from an organism which is carried out by blood sampling. It was also done by the man for many years.

Delirium because of gluten

The 37-year-old woman appeared in heavy delirium because of the habitual reason – gluten. Prior to the beginning of a disease the woman was going to receive degree of the doctor of philosophy. Its problems began because of a Gee’s disease, and the crazy ideas are consequences of a disease.

Nevertheless it was very difficult for doctors to force the woman to follow a bezglyutenovy diet as her crazy ideas led to what she ceased to trust health workers.

The woman, eventually, ceased to eat gluten, and her symptoms passed. But when she unintentionally uses it, symptoms return.

Calcination of a bladder

The infection caused by a parasite of Schistosoma led to calcination of a bladder of the man. It was infected by a parasite who meets in many parts of the world. These helminths live near a bladder and ureters.

In a case with the man of egg of a parasite entered a bladder and began to be besieged on its wall. In response to it a part of walls of a bladder began to be calcinated.

When doctors carried out scanning of a basin of the man, they saw the thin envelope from calcium reminding an egg shell. Most likely, years for calcium disappearance after the center of an infection was liquidated will be required.

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