Unique tombs in China: a combination of burial chambers and dwellings

Ancient tombs discovered by Chinese archaeologists in Henan Province are a unique combination of burial chambers and dwellings. These tombs range in age from 1600 to several centuries ago, and are a veritable treasure trove of information about social life and burial customs during the Song dynasty.

The main discovery

One of the most significant archaeological sites found in Henan Province is the 22 ancient tombs that mimic dwellings. This discovery was made during the excavation of a large mound in Laozhuangshi Village, Weishi County. The tombs were built in different time periods, including the Eastern Han and Song dynasties.

Interesting Artifacts

Inside these tombs, archaeologists found many artifacts indicative of the high social status of the buried. These included fine jewelry, chairs and tables with utensils, as well as special vessels for wine. Scissors, ancient irons, clothes hangers and closets, all everyday objects that give a glimpse into the daily life of the tomb owners, attracted the special attention of scientists.

Dwellings inside the tombs

The most surprising thing about this discovery is that doors and windows were found inside the burial chambers, which were skillful imitations of real wooden structures. The interior furnishings of the tombs exactly replicated the dwellings and courtyards of the time. This gives scientists valuable information about how people lived and what were their burial customs.

Colorful frescoes

The walls of the burial chambers were decorated with colorful murals depicting flowers, birds, mythical creatures, furniture, and weapons. These murals are another source of information about the life and culture of those times.

Researcher Chang Hongjie, who works for the Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, believes the tombs are a unique object of study. He believes that the interior decoration and exterior design of the tombs replicate real dwellings and courtyards, making them especially valuable for studying the social life and burial customs of the time.

The discovery of 22 ancient tombs imitating dwellings in Henan Province is a real boon for Chinese archaeologists. The age of these tombs, as well as the artifacts and colorful frescoes found in them, provide unique information about social life and burial customs during the Song Dynasty.

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