USA reduces fleet activity due to threat to whales

The US Navy is forced to reduce its activity due to the threat they carry to northern smooth whales. They are almost gone.

The US Navy agreed to limit training activities in parts of the Atlantic to help save the northern smooth whales. This is an extremely large mammal, the size of which can reach 18 meters in length.

Since these animals live near the coast, they have long been a favorite target for hunting. If initially the number of whales was estimated at 100 thousand individuals, now, according to scientists, there are only 300 of them left.

Experts do not know exactly why the number of northern whales is not restored, despite all efforts to save them.

The fleet agreed to limit the use of active sonar and reduce training explosions near the East Coast of the United States. Most of the exclusion zone is located 50 miles from the coastline.

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