Vaccine from the virus Zika was created

Scientists from China and France managed to develop a vaccine against the virus that causes Zik’s fever. It has already entered the phase of preclinical research, and in 2019 it will be available for use in African countries.

Recombinant vaccine against the virus Zika developed at the Institute of Pasteur at the Academy of Sciences of China, RIA Novosti reported. It is a safe and effective vaccine-candidate for fighting a dangerous disease, scientists emphasize.

The recombinant vaccine is developed in several stages using genetic engineering techniques. Scientists create genetic structures in the form of hybrid DNA: in the genetic structure of a harmless microorganism, parts of the DNA of the pathogenic virus are embedded.

The fever of Zeka affects monkeys, but sometimes, through mosquito bites, is transmitted to a person. The disease is dangerous first of all for pregnant women, since, having had a pain, they can give birth to a child with severe brain damage and microcephaly.

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