Videoblogger tested jetpack Jetpack Aviation

Jetpack Aviation has been developing jet packs for many years, but this year it is going to introduce JB-10, a new model designed for use by ordinary people. But can a simple user without a pilot license and experience manage such a device? Completely! The video below shows this clearly. Videobloger Misha Pollack figured out the intricacies of management quite quickly, so in a few hours he was in full swing over the ground, though he was fastened for safety on the insurance.

Jetpack Aviation has been tested many times by David Maiman, the head of the company, whose flights have long been documented and posted on the Internet, but he is a graduate pilot – he can, the blogger has never done anything like that before, but judging by the video, this guy too Did not experience any problems with the device.

Although the blogger did not soar high, but simply soared at low altitude, the positive result is very encouraging: the device is reliable and easy to manage, so this experience allows us to hope that soon an ordinary person will be able to buy himself something like that and enjoy himself for health .

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