Virtual reality system Modal VR

Nolan Bushnell, the founder of the legendary company Atari, has kept his word and provided the public with a new development company — a virtual platform Modal VR, which will allow you to turn to turn, for example, an ordinary football field in a huge virtual arena!

To track the players and to provide an interactive game in a virtual reality groups up to ten people to help special module VR Fabricator. To start the game, you need to designate a field on which it will occur, and then users wear a wireless headset virtual reality and all, you can start a multiplayer match with other players. Modules can be combined into a network, then the game will be able to participate even more people.

A huge plus Modal VR is that it requires no wired connections with the gaming device, so those who want to play, will be able without any problems to do this in any place, without risking to become entangled in the cables and fall.

All anything, but after such a gorgeous demonstration of the developers have lowered from heavens on the earth all those who already wanted to buy this thing. The creators of Modal VR said that while their development is very expensive, so now she can afford only to corporate customers. A normal person until you can afford it.

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