Virtual reality will allow anyone to visit the ISS

As a child, many of us thought about how it is probably wonderful to be an astronaut: to see the Earth from orbit, to admire the stars, to experience weightlessness. Let’s be honest: to become an astronaut is a very, very difficult task, which only the most motivated people are able to achieve, ready to spend their years of life on grueling physical training and education. But we have a virtual reality, which, albeit not in fact, but it can allow anyone for a short time to feel like an inhabitant of the International Space Station.

To implement this project, Oculus employees have joined forces with organizations such as NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency. The goal of the project was to create a realistic simulator for virtual reality, which will allow the player to move to the ISS and allow him to feel like a true astronaut. At the same time, simulation involves training the user and even performing real tasks like receiving a cargo that has arrived on a space truck from the surface of the Earth. The inhabitants of the ISS are faced with such things all the time, but the players have to experience all this for the first time.

Of course, we are unlikely to be able to objectively assess the realism of all that will happen in the simulator, because none of us have ever been to the ISS. But the developers claim that they tried to make the game as realistic as possible and to transfer into it a huge number of the smallest details, from which a complete picture of the life of astronauts in near-earth orbit. You will be able to observe the Earth from space, learn the history of the ISS creation, and at any time you can hear the stories of real astronauts about their stay at the station, recorded in 360-degree video format. In the sale of this educational game should come in the very near future.

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