Vitamins have no positive health effects.

Most people still believe that adding vitamins to their diet will have any benefits. But the truth is that vitamins do not have any effect on health.

There are special cases where people need to take vitamins, such as those that don’t get enough sun, definitely not enough vitamin D. Numerous studies have also shown that vegans can benefit from consuming vitamin B, but there is one thing that you should know.

Studies have shown that vitamins taken for general health are useless for the average adult. Most people get the necessary nutrients from their diet. And although some people do not have a healthy diet, vitamins do not have any effect on health.

According to numerous studies, they do not have a definite effect on life expectancy, heart health, disease prevention, or cognitive function. In most cases, they do not harm or help, but they can come into negative contact with certain medicines.

There is no evidence that vitamins really help people.

Eating a varied and healthy diet is the only reliable, affordable way to get all the necessary nutrients.

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