Want to live long – eat chilli

Medical College Larner urges all eat spicy food. The fact that the consumption of hot chili peppers was associated with a reduction in mortality of 13% (mainly this applies to deaths from heart disease or stroke). In principle, the benefits of hot peppers experts say for a long time. In the latter study, the experts used data from 16,000 people in 23 years.

Interested in the consumption of chili, lifestyle and mortality among these people. And there were definite communication of love for the pepper and reduced the risk of death. Meanwhile, experts can’t say exactly how pepper has a positive effect. Maybe it’s to TRP channels, which are the main receptors for spicy compounds like capsaicin (the main component of chili).

In turn, capsaicin plays an important role in the cellular and molecular mechanisms that can prevent the development of obesity and alter coronary blood flow. Capsaicin also has anti-microbial properties and is able to influence the human condition, changing the intestinal flora.

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