Solar storms are maddening whales and dolphins

Experts have long been struggling with the cause of the mysterious deaths of whales and dolphins that mass beaching. Scientists from NASA in the hope to understand what provokes the inhabitants of the marine world on the suicide, decided to check out one of the most common theories about the impact of solar storms on the behavior of mammals.

According to statistics, most often tragic phenomenon of whales, dolphins and porpoises beaching occurs in New Zealand, Australia and near Cape Code.

Scientists have found that during solar storms with outbreaks of huge clumps of charged particles in the Sun. When it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, these particles are not only able to affect the operation of energy networks and electronic devices, but also on the behavior of marine life.

NASA has initiated a large-scale study which will run until September of this year. In autumn it will be possible to say with certainty whether solar storms are the main cause of suicides among whales and dolphins….

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