What cats and dogs dream about: scientists solve the mystery

Everyone who has a pet has probably wondered what goes on in our pets’ heads when they sleep and dream. Researchers have been working on this topic for a long time and have come to some interesting conclusions.

According to studies, cats and dogs can also dream. Their brains work the same way as in humans during sleep. At the same time, each animal has its own individual characteristics of perception of the world, which may affect the content and nature of dreams.

Scientists distinguish several basic types of dreams in animals:

1. Dreams of everyday life. Cats and dogs can dream about what they did during the day. For example, a dream about walking or playing with the owner.

2. Dreams about social contacts. Animals may also dream about social interactions with other animals or people. This can be a positive or negative experience.

3. Dreams about stalking or protection. Cats and dogs may dream about being chased or defending themselves from someone or something.

4. Dreams about play. Often animals may dream that they are playing with toys or other animals.

In addition, scientists note that the content of animals’ dreams may depend on their age, sex, breed and individual characteristics.

It is important to note that dreams in cats and dogs can be not only pleasant, but also unpleasant. They may experience fear, anxiety or pain during sleep.

Although we cannot know exactly what our pets are thinking while they sleep, research allows us to better understand their behavior and needs.

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