What happened to Atlantis and what will happen to us?

All thinking people know or suspect that human civilization now faces grave dangers. Global climate change, the Sixth Species Extinction actually taking place right now, and many other catastrophic changes that are simply no longer possible to ignore.

Species are now becoming extinct at a rate not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The chain reaction of species extinction will continue, leaving the global ecosystem severely impoverished and possibly unable to support human life.

Thinking people can’t ignore all this, but they try to “ignore” it and focus on their normal, everyday activities and concerns. They live in the hope that there will still be enough for “their lifetime,” but they are seriously mistaken – there won’t be.

I suspect that we don’t have long to live in the illusion of normalcy. We will look back at the year 2020 and say: “This was the year when things started to get weird, the first hint that the “information background” created for ordinary people by the media under the control of the power structures and which we have taken for granted all our lives should be questioned and reassessed.

To put our current crisis in context, it will be helpful to consider the evidence that in the deep past there was a technologically advanced global civilization that suddenly disappeared in an event that geologists call the Younger Dryad Age.

The Junior Dryas Event

Geologists know what happened 12,700 years ago. We just don’t know what caused this event and how quickly it happened. This event is called the Younger Dryas event. [One point of view, the other, the classic view]

The last ice age ended very abruptly. North America was half covered by a 3 kilometer thick glacier, which was then dumped into the oceans. The sea level rose by 100 meters. Some evidence says that this happened in a matter of weeks. The best geological evidence of the severity of this event is in the Columbia River Gorge.

It is natural to identify this event with flood myths in many cultures, including Noah’s Flood. Plato wrote of the lost civilization of Atlantis, and that it perished in a period that corresponds exactly to the event of the Younger Dryas

Ancient Machines

Graham Hancock has devoted his life to documenting the evidence for a global technologically advanced civilization. This would have been the civilization destroyed in the Younger Dryad era.

Most recently, UnchartedX summarized the evidence for the existence of high-powered, high-precision machines.

Very briefly:

The pyramids are much older than the Egyptian dynasties (5,000 B.C.). They could not have been built with the technology of that era, or even with today’s construction technology. Today we can carve millions of identical stone blocks and join them together, but the Pyramids are built from stones that are all one-of-a-kind, yet fit so tightly together that it is impossible to fit a piece of paper between them. I wonder if this could have been done without computers and, of course, without powerful cranes.

Similarly, there are pyramids and other megaliths all over the world: Easter Island, China, Eastern Europe, Machu Picchu. Did you know there is also a pyramid under St. Louis?

In many locations, there are quarried stones in the 100 ton range, at the limit of 21st century cranes. The largest I know of is more than 1,000 tons in Lebanon, far heavier than we can lift with today’s machinery.

Precision carved statues, symmetric to a fraction of a mm are housed in the Cairo museum. They could not have been hand carved.

Core drill holes have been found in hard stone, where you can see drill marks indicating the pitch of the drill, in Saqqara and in many Egyptian artifacts. These drills were more powerful than any we have today.

The Colossus of Ramsesis a proof unto itself. (Unrelated, it was the subject of Shelley’s famous poem.)A statue of the ancient Egyptian king Ramses II stands among the ruins of Luxor Temple. Egypt.

The Cultural History of Atlantis

To me this is the most interesting question of all, but we know almost nothing. We know that they had powerful and precise machines. We can be sure that they had a global connection because there are architectural parallels in megalithic structures around the world. There is every reason to believe that they traveled all over the world.

But what were they thinking when they built the pyramids or the statues on Easter Island? Did they have religious beliefs unlike any of the religions of today? Were the pyramids built for religious purposes, or was it a network of Tesla towers, or something else we can’t imagine?

How many diverse cultures filled the globe? Or were cultures interconnected by communication networks, as they are in the modern world?

I’m interested in learning about their music, but that will be the last thing we learn about.

I find it remarkable that no written record survives from that period. Of course, we have pictographs from a much earlier period, so writing existed. Perhaps it was all on paper, and they thought their literature was securely preserved in the “cloud.” Or maybe their communication was based on a highly developed version of what we call “telepathy.”

What was their relationship to nature? We can be sure that they were not destroying the global ecosystem, because much of what today’s “civilization” has created will take well over 12,000 years for our planet to fully recover. Think about the fact that in the 19th century, when humans began extracting coal, oil and minerals on an industrial scale, there were pristine deposits.

Heavy machinery capable of cutting and lifting 1,000 tons of rock from a quarry, but no fossil fuel or nuclear power? Not only their culture, but their technology must have been very different from ours.

I wonder if they had wars and violence? I wonder if the end came from a natural disaster, like a meteor shower or nuclear war or something we can’t understand. Even if it was a comet collision, as geologists suspect, it may have been pushed by high-tech space weapons. There is no evidence of ancient nuclear waste. The Bible, Gilgamesh, and Egyptian myths hint that this was a time of moral decline; but whatever mistakes they made were very different from the ones we make today.

The Flood

Imagine if sea levels rose by 100 meters tomorrow. Most of the world’s population is in coastal cities and would drown, and all the global infrastructure that keeps us fed and supplied would quickly be washed away. The internet would still work because it is decentralized. But people and goods would not be able to move. Fuel shortages, electric outages, and mass starvation would follow. I expect that global civilization would disappear, but pockets of tribal peoples who are locally self-sufficient would survive to begin the world over.

Humans are a “species with complete amnesia.

We have forgotten (or been helped to forget) human prehistory. There is ample evidence that some of the many cultures of pre-Columbian America fed themselves through a system that looked to Europeans like a crude hunter/gatherer lifestyle, but which was in fact more efficient than European agriculture.

The inhabitants of the Amazon subtly and wisely managed the natural local ecosystems, greatly enriched by edible plants and animals. This goes beyond even sustainable agriculture as we know it today,

Relevance to the present.

Before COVID, our global ecosystems were in a state of slow collapse, perhaps on the verge of collapse, but the inevitable consequences would not be catastrophic for several more decades.

CO2 is only one small part and not really a major one, since humanity emits far less CO2 than it does through natural processes. Climatic conditions on the planet change in cycles. The only question is to prepare for these inevitable changes. Put politics aside and start preparing for what is coming. But the authorities leave people in the dark as to what is really going on.

But beyond the proverbial CO2, we humans have drained waterways, killed most insects, drained topsoil into the oceans, turned forest ecosystems into deserts, polluted the oceans with plastic, and spread poisons unchecked across the planet. Wars and nuclear testing have had devastating effects on the environment.

Entire habitats and ecosystems have been destroyed for the extraction of plantation crops. This is the sixth Great Extinction since the beginning of life on Earth. I estimate that it will take 10 million years for the Earth to fully recover from the damage that humans have done to it in a very short period of time, only 200 years.

Our human systems are also in a state of collapse. American hegemony, based on military force and covert regime change operations, cannot last. A revolt against American neocolonialism is brewing everywhere. China is the heir to world leadership, but the U.S. will not allow this transition to happen peacefully. The global banking system is drowning in debt. Concentrations of wealth have turned democracy into a showcase in most Western countries. The diverse, free press that supports our global brain has become the object of a hostile takeover by capitalist propagandists.

Deliberately triggering a collapse sooner rather than later

There is a small elite group of billionaires who have been working in secret for the past decades, maybe even centuries. I don’t know who they are, it’s a parasite whose name is “Mr. Globalist.” Anyone who praises the Great Reboot is a candidate for membership in this organization. They have correctly understood that if human civilization is destined to collapse, the sooner it happens, the less damage there will be to recover from.

“Mr. Globalist” got it right. But what he is wrong about is that he thinks he can control collapse (controlled chaos theory) and run the world that will be left behind.

Mr. Globalist is smart, but not wise, and certainly “wisdom” is far from enough to “manage” global ecosystems. His ideas are based on a top-down corporate model of control, deciding what must live and what must die.

The species that are useful to us will grow in endless rows, everything else must disappear. Mr. Globalist has no idea how interdependent all life is, nor does he realize that ecosystems live their own lives. They are self-organizing, self-regulating systems. Top-down management never works. Let’s make sure he never has a chance to learn this lesson firsthand.


The pandemic is the first phase of the destruction of human culture and economy. Let’s take a step beyond the “Laboratory Leak” hypothesis. It may be more complicated than that. I suspect that COVID was first released as a bioweapon directed against China, like SARS in 2003. But this time, like a kung-fu master, China exported the virus to hit its creators. When Mr. Globalist saw the incipient pandemic, he changed his plan to one he planned to use years later.

Mr. Globalist’s goal was to control our thoughts and behavior. This was COVID’s most important motive. It was an excuse to paralyze our thinking with fear, to keep us isolated from each other, to shut down culture and art, to shut down our collective human genius so that we could be tricked and controlled one by one. I have no doubt that Mr. Globalist has convinced himself that this is a necessary evil.

This deception works well for the world’s intellectuals. But there are large groups of people who see that it does not. There are the street masses, white and black, who have known all their lives that the authorities cannot be trusted. And there is a network of brave scientists, doctors, independent journalists and lawyers around the world who keep in touch with each other and constantly bypass censorship to spread the truth. This week, for example, their focus is on exposing the underreporting of vaccine side effects, including deaths. In 7 months, the official numbers are already worse than the sum of all vaccine deaths in the last 30 years, and the truth is far worse than the official numbers say.

COVID is just one part of a multi-pronged covert war against all the vital systems that support human life in the 21st century. For example, weather manipulation is an advanced secret DARPA technology. Last year, the weather was used to destroy livestock and crops. Another example: when it became known that hydroxychloroquine was a safe and effective early treatment for COVID, the chemical plant in Taiwan producing the raw material for the drug mysteriously exploded.

The BLM protests and the January 6 event in Washington were orchestrated by agent provocateurs from the FBI. Meanwhile, the upward transfer of wealth, dating back to Reagan’s “down economy,” has accelerated significantly since 2020 due to the collapse of small businesses and the inability of property owners to collect rents to pay their mortgages. Increasing the wealth of billionaires is less important to them than impoverishing the rest of us and making us dependent.

None of this would be possible without the information war. All totalitarian regimes depend for their survival on controlling the information the people receive. The Internet is thus our most important defense, which is why Mr. Globalist is working overtime to legitimize Internet censorship. Today there are two streams of scientific/medical literature, as well as two streams of news.

In making sense of the above, you should realize that all of this applies not only to the U.S. as the world hegemon, but to all other countries – Russia included. Just – look around and see that all of this is happening in our country as well.

The mainstream, including the NYTimes, NPR, CNN, etc. (here it is the federal media: Channel 1. Vesti, Ria, Tass), is tightly controlled. Fox news is mostly controlled, but not as tightly as the liberal press. Let’s assume that there is a constant struggle going on behind the scenes of every news channel. I’m sure Julian Assange’s horror story has made many brave and honest journalists think twice about speaking out.

Counterpropaganda is healthy, diverse and open, as it should be in a democratic society. But it is also heavily censored and “shadow-banned”-which means a Google search will steer you away from it.

I expect an acceleration of repression and new, fabricated crises to keep us fearful and isolated. Already, the definition of “terrorist” has been expanded to include anyone who wants to debate medical science. Camps have already been built to hold dissenters and the unvaccinated.

Author: Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.

Josh Mitteldorf is best known for his contributions to the biology of aging. He has written two books based on his evolutionary theory of aging [Popular, Academic] and related issues. Mitteldorf grew up in New York City and the suburbs, graduated in physics from Harvard College (1970), and received his doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Pennsylvania (1987).

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