What happens to buildings during earthquakes?

The US geological survey has equipped with sensors skyscraper Frontier Building in anchorage, Alaska, in order to capture the impact of earthquakes on high-rise buildings. And on January 24 in Alaska there was an earthquake with a capacity of 7.1 points, and seismologists were able in real time to see how tremors affect human constructions.

The video, which you can see below, is a visualization of vibration which is high-rise experienced during an earthquake. For greater clarity, in accordance with the height of a building all the movements were increased 300 times, in order to better demonstrate signs of strain. As a result, the tower in the video, when particularly intense shocks, shaking so that is more like a twisting rope. The building stands almost motionless, but the picture makes it easy to imagine the burden faced by its internal structure.

As this video clearly demonstrates how the project of monitoring the integrity of building structures can help engineering and construction firms, locking in real-time how deformation takes place in buildings located in areas of high seismic hazard. On the basis of such data it is possible to develop a preventive protection against the effects of aftershocks, like the existing carbon fiber web, or the principle of seismic invisibility buildings.

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