What spices are good for health?

It is likely that your kitchen is filled with not only healthy food. But we are prepared to argue that your spice rack is definitely healthy products. This stand contains a whole Arsenal of tools to combat a variety of diseases from inflammation to cancer. Next time you want to salt the dish or add more oil, stop and make a choice in favor of spices that give the dish a unique flavor and will help prevent or overcome illness.

Curry or turmeric

The basis of curry powder is turmeric – the anti-inflammatory substance, more potent than vitamins C or E. it Contained curcumin, according to research, slows the growth of certain types of breast cancer and may also protect against cancer of the stomach or intestines.

Method of use:

Goes well with vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, with brown rice, with chicken soup-noodles.


One teaspoon of this spice contains six micrograms of bone strengthening vitamin K, and the same amount of antioxidants as three cups of spinach.

Method of use:

Add a bit of oregano in spaghetti sauce, soup, or salad dressing to impart extra flavor.


This spice is made from the seeds of cilantro. Coriander has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergic and antioxidant properties. It is also rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids.

Method of use:

Add the coriander to the meat dishes: meatballs, meatloaf, shepherd’s pie. They also can be sprinkled on soups, stews, or salad.


This well known spice is made from ground pepper of the same name. Hot pepper reputation is bound to the substance called capsaicin. Paprika also contains capsaicin, but in small quantities. Capsicum reduces the risk of heart disease, soothes flatulence, improves immunity and promotes the death of cancerous cells.

Method of use:

Sprinkle with paprika omelette or fried shrimp, add the spaghetti sauce, grate the meat before frying.


One tablespoon of this fragrant spice contains 22% daily value of iron element that supports the energy level of the body and strengthening the immune system. Cumin also helps to fight many types of cancer, improves digestion and helps with headaches and skin diseases.

Method of use:

Cumin goes well with lentil soup, grilled salmon, wholegrain pasta.


The mixture of antioxidants in this popular spice, helps smooth out spikes in blood sugar levels by affecting glucose uptake by cells. Studies have shown that eating a day half a teaspoon of cinnamon can reduce the factors contributing to the development of diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Method of use:

Cinnamon is versatile, it goes well with desserts, baked fruit, oatmeal, you can add it to a smoothie or mix with chili.


Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It also helps with indigestion or inflammation of the joints. Colon cancer and ovaries. Ginger gives significant support to the immune system, helping it fight infection.

Method of use:

Blends perfectly with dishes of pumpkin, fresh juices, fried foods.

Cayenne pepper

This spicy condiment contains a large amount of capsaicin, thanks to which Cayenne pepper will accelerate your metabolism, promoting the rapid burning of calories. During the survey it was observed that people ate during the meal half a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, the following method was used less calories and they experienced a decline in the desire for fatty and salty food.

Method of use:

Cayenne pepper can be sprinkled on soup, vegetables or even popcorn.

The author is Professor Samadi – certified physician in the field of urologic Oncology, specializing in traditional, laparoscopic and robotic surgery of the pelvic organs.

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