What will be reached by mankind by 3000th year

The American scientists told what will be life by the next millennium and what will be reached by mankind by 3000th year.

During the conducted researches experts managed to find out that by 3000th year the mankind will finally master space, and unconstrained and regular flights out of borders of Earth will become possible. In addition, travel from one point of our planet to another by means of the reason force as people will learn to use energy from the internal centers will become possible.

Also by 3000th year laboratories by means of which people will be able to overcome temporary space will work at Earth and to contact another dimensions. It will be expressly trained by scientists.

By the fourth millennium people will meet aliens and will become higher body height. Also it is predicted by flooding of many cities in connection with shift of northern and southern poles.

Scientists note that in general the 3000th year will be very interesting.

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