What would happen if you drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jumped into it?

All of us sometimes dream of unique adventures and journeys that allow us to get away from our daily routine. However, there are ideas that, while appealing at first glance, in reality prove to be extremely dangerous and unfeasible. One such idea is to drill a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jump into it. Let’s consider what would actually happen if we were to undertake such a risky venture.

The first thing we will encounter on our way is overcoming the Earth’s continental crust. The continental crust is 35 to 70 km thick and consists of different rocks. Going through it, we will have to overcome tremendous pressure and material resistance. Even the strongest materials cannot withstand such a load. Therefore, the probability that we will be able to overcome the continental crust and reach the next layer – the Earth’s mantle – is extremely low.

The Earth’s mantle is the layer that lies beneath the continental crust and is about 2,900 km thick. It consists of various minerals and substances that are in a plastic state under the influence of high pressures and temperatures. Going through the mantle, we will face even greater challenges. High pressures and extreme temperatures make this journey extremely dangerous for humans. Our bodies are unable to withstand such conditions, and we will die by suffocating or burning from extreme heat.

If we do manage to overcome the Earth’s mantle, the next layer, the outer core, awaits us. This layer consists mostly of liquid iron and is comparable in size to the planet Mars. The temperature of the outer core reaches 5,500 degrees Celsius, almost equal to the surface temperature of the Sun. It is impossible to penetrate this layer, as we would simply dissolve in the liquid iron.

But even if we somehow get through the outer core, the last layer, the inner core, awaits us. The Earth’s inner core also has an iron structure, but some scientists believe that it may be liquid. This assumption has not been confirmed at this time, but it adds more mystery to our story of traveling through the center of the Earth.

You may be wondering what reasons might motivate a person to risk his life and try to traverse all these layers of the Earth. One such reason might be the desire to explore uncharted territory and expand our knowledge of the planet on which we live. However, there are other ways to achieve this goal that are not so life-threatening.

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