Where on Earth the safest place?

If you do not have to breathe atmospheric air, the absolute beige, where there are no storms, tornados, earthquakes, snow, frost, heat and forest fires, you need to look somewhere in the depths of the ocean.

But since we humans can breathe under water do not know, the safest place may be a quiet place on land.

Statistically the biggest threat to life is a hurricane: that they are responsible for 40% of human deaths from rampant elements for the period 1995 to 2015. So we must look for the place where storms never come. Such a place can be look for somewhere in Finland or Iceland or South, in the Sands of the Arabian Peninsula.

If these regions do not suit you — does not fit the climate or political situation can be considered… Singapore. On the latitude and longitude is never strong storms and hurricanes, and the Icelandic climate is warmer and not as demanding as the heat of the deserts of Qatar or the Arab Emirates.

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