Why did the Egyptian pharaohs have such strange sarcophagi?

Why did their sarcophagi have such a recess for the body inside – an anatomical shape? It is much easier to make a stone coffin with a rectangular niche in it than to carve a recess more complex in shape. Even in wooden coffins with anatomical shape no one in the ancient world bothered much, except the Egyptians.

I have a guess that the reason is that the ancient Egyptians simply copied these “sarcophagi” that they saw from the “Gods” who came from outer space.

For modern astronauts, they cast a bed by placing a person in the same “sarcophagus” and pouring gypsum, which would then make a seat for the astronaut’s chair, which has a certain shape.

The seat is designed to alleviate the high overloads experienced by the astronaut during launch and landing. It is always made individually for a particular astronaut.

Here Egyptians saw how alien “gods” used the same spoon to create such chairs for their spaceships, and when the “gods” flew away, the Egyptians simply copied the technology without realizing its value and turned it into coffins for their mummies.

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