Why dinosaurs have died out?

Huge pangolins dominated on our planet during incredibly long time, and the reasons of their death are shrouded in a secret. Hypotheses the set is pushed, but not all maintain even shy attempts of criticism.

The most discussed and known wide part of public the version that dinosaurs were ruined by a huge meteorite / asteroid is. A pier 65 million years ago the massive space body which caused a shock wave of huge capacity and the fires fell to the Ground. The sky was clouded by a huge dust cloud. The sun grew dim, and day became at the night. The gloom proceeded for months. Mass death appeared in a gloom and cold of plants and animals began.

However, in this note we will concern the most non-standard versions why nevertheless masters of Earth died out.

1. Dinosaurs died of hunger

“Breeding, gluttonous caterpillars of butterflies deprived of dinosaurs of livelihood — the paleontologist, the research associate of the Museum of the State of New Jersey, Braayn Svitek assures. — As a result pangolins died out for the banal reason: for hunger”.

According to Svitek, 66 — 65 million years ago birds on Earth wasn’t yet therefore butterflies felt freely, breeding tirelessly. And caterpillars before turning into butterflies, ate only plants — the main food of herbivorous dinosaurs.

Uncountable armies of Lepidoptera devoured greens on huge spaces. And what were herbivorous pangolins less, that golodny was to predators. So all of them together also died out.
2. Eating of eggs

The paleontologist George Wiland at the beginning of the 20th century claimed that dinosaurs ate themselves and doomed thereby themselves to extinction.

In his opinion, ancestors of tyrannosaurs probably took the first step to giantism, having begun to eat eggs of zauropod. Even the most careful mothers dinosaurs couldn’t interfere with poaching of hungry predators.
3. Deformation of a shell

The expert in invertebrate minerals G. K. Erben and his colleagues considered too that eggs promoted disappearance of dinosaurs.

In 1979 researchers published the version that the analysis of structure of the fragments of a fossilized egg shell found in the south of France and in the Spanish Pyrenees showed two types of deviations: the shell of some eggs was multilayered and thick, others — extremely thin.

Any of these situations was deadly: in multilayered eggs embryos would choke, and eggs with a thin shell could burst and cause dehydration of embryos easily.

4. Hyperactive glands

The paleontologist Franz Nopxa von Felso-Zilwas at the beginning of the 20th century assumed that dinosaurs grew to the improbable sizes thanks to misoperation of a hypophysis.

Eventually gland caused that animals became pathologically enormous and grotesque. Nopks, however, couldn’t provide any authentic certificates of the fact that the hypophysis could exert impact on the size of dinosaurs or their disappearance.
5. Evolutionary self-destruction

There is a theory that some types of living beings “go way of dinosaurs” — in other words, in the course of evolution become too sluggish, silly or small to survive. Some time paleontologists believed that it and happened to dinosaurs.

At the beginning of the 1900th years when Darwin theory about natural selection still wasn’t completely acknowledged in scientific community, many paleontologists considered that organisms developed in close dependence from each other. According to this theory, the opinion that dinosaurs had some kind of evolutionary inertia forcing them to become larger and stranny, was discredited.

Some researchers even assumed that dinosaurs in comparison with mammals were mute because too much their energy was spent for growth. Nevertheless, the theory can’t explain why in that case some of the biggest and strange types like stegozavr and brachiosaurs long time prospered on all earth.
6. It is too much males

The specialist in infertility Sherman Zilber repeatedly claimed that dinosaurs died because they couldn’t find to themselves couple.

Zilber assumed that, by analogy with modern alligators and crocodiles, changes of external temperature could define a sex of embryos of dinosaurs during development in eggs.

In this case the climate changes caused by volcanic activity and fall of an asteroid could cause that males in the majority hatched.

However it isn’t clear yet whether temperature influenced development of sexual characters of dinosaurs.

7. Cataract

In 1982 the ophthalmologist L. R. Croft has assumed that weak sight became the reason of extinction of dinosaurs.

At long thermal influence the cataract develops quicker, and Croft has decided that dinosaurs with horns or fancy crests on the head used this “jewelry” for protection against the ruthless sun of the Mesozoic Era. Nevertheless even it hasn’t saved an eye of dinosaurs, and they lost sight before puberty.
8. Supernew

In 1971 the physicist Wal Thaker and the paleontologist Dale Russell have assumed that explosion being quite close from Solar system supernew at the end of the Cretaceous could have catastrophic consequences for life on Earth.

As a result of explosion an upper atmosphere of the planet was affected by different types of radiation that became the reason of rapid climate change. However no proofs have been found.

9. Broke wind much

One more strange hypothesis consists that dinosaurs have doomed themselves to extinction by own pukanye. A few years ago the paleontologist David Wilkinson and his colleagues have tried to count how many gas could make an organism of a huge zauropod with a long neck.

Researchers have assumed that dinosaurs could allocate enough methane to affect global climate. But, eventually, various zauropoda lived on Earth during tens of million years, without proving any symptoms of poisoning with gas.

Without paying attention to real researches, Wilkinson and his colleagues have gathered proofs on the thematic websites and long time proved case of this theory.

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