Why does a man need a pinky toe?

When we talk about fingers, we usually pay attention to the hands, because they perform many tasks, from typing on a keyboard to creating works of art. However, the toes, which are no longer needed for clinging to trees, are often overshadowed. But don’t underestimate their importance, because they play an important role in our daily lives.

One of the main functions of the toes is to provide balance and movement. When we take a step, the foot rolls from the lateral side to the medial side, and the pinky toe plays a key role in this process. It helps maintain balance and ensures proper biomechanics of the foot.

Studies have shown that the length of the toes also affects running performance. People with longer toes need more energy to run, while sprinters tend to have longer toes, which gives them a short-term speed advantage.

But it’s not just length, the joints of the toes also play an important role. The joints of the big toe, the fifth toe, and the heel work together to give us balance. If even one part of this “construction” is missing, we lose our balance and become less stable.

Some people are born without little toes or lose them as a result of illness or an accident. They can adjust to walking without pinky toes, but it can change their gait and cause a number of health problems.

So let’s show appreciation for our toes, because they perform an important function in our daily lives. Thanks to them we can keep our balance, move and enjoy an active lifestyle.

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