Why we will never be able to return to the past?

According to albert Einstein, to travel into the future, we need to reach the speed of light. In order to go in the past, we need to exceed the speed of light.

the record for time travel is Sergei Krikalev. It
flying around 337 miles around the earth’s orbit at a speed of 28 km/h
(17,450 miles per hour) – and actually, in total, moved to
0.02 seconds into the future. This means that at this point he does step in
two hundredths of a second before you see how he’s doing it. So
the journey to the future is possible.

But no one ever
moved in the past. And no one can, unless we exceed
the speed of light, that will confirm the following facts:

9. Paradox loop
The term got its name from the Robert Heinlein story “On the heels”, in which a lot is built on this phenomenon.

the story is one of the most common concepts in travel
time, which is based on the ability to change the story, by chance
or intentionally, during time travel. The only stipulation –
the claim that any change a time traveler in
the story is always what was going to happen (watch
item number 3).

But the moment that this statement does not cover is
the simple fact that any object traveling through time, gets old
absolutely usually. Travel above the speed of light does not mean that
people can remain forever young; he may return to Earth through
10 years, despite the fact that it will be 1000, but it will still be on 10
years older, and will someday die. The same happens with inanimate
objects. Imagine that you shifted your speech for the award
Oscar, and then climbed into a time machine and went back 30 minutes
back when could still remember where she was, took her, and went back through
a hole in time and sent her on her performance of “Lincoln.” But to
this will be discussed in paragraph No. 3.

By the way: any object,
time-traveling, at the time of travel as not reflected in
history. After 100 million years, the paper will turn to dust, as
the traveler. But the show must go on, and the Oscar will go to that
the same person that will take him without speaking, because she no longer
exists outside of history, to return it to him in the future.

now imagine transferring the information back to the future.
Imagine that you invented a time machine, and used it to
travel back 1000 years. You share what you know about travels
time with people of this age, and they begin to use it. Through
1000 years you invent a time machine, go back in time… and so
next. But then we have a problem, since there can be more
one source of something, eventually the invention of time travel
will lose his, and the time of the appearance of this invention as
indefinable as the result of division by zero.

8. The Theory Of Weak Form Of Cosmic Censorship
Hawking throughout his career he worked with black holes and
a big part of what we know about them, based on his work.
The surface of a black hole is an “event horizon”, and how
only an object crosses it and enters the hole, it stops
to exist in our space-time. It will attract incredibly
powerful gravity in an infinitely thin beam of energy, which is called

In his works, is Hawking the theory of
that horrifying only the energy of black holes can create
singularity. The theory of weak cosmic censorship States that it is not
there is a singularity, not a hidden black hole, and the singularity
will never be open to human observation. The singularity
the main themes of cosmology, because one of the theories about
black holes describes them as the gravitational field, so
strong that they give all the objects included in them FTL
speed. Singularity – engine gravity black holes.

what if a spaceship wanted to destroy the light barrier, he
would have to just fly through a black hole, and when he took off
on the other hand, he would have continued to move with the same speed
there, the ship would be launched at FTL speed, so he was able
would return to Earth at some point in the past.

But no one
the object cannot survive the singularity of a black hole. The subject
maybe just to be destroyed, obviously, violating the law of conservation of mass.
So, while it is not proved that a singularity can exist for
outside of the black hole, this method of travel into the past impossible.

7. “Wormholes” Violate The Laws Of Physics
our understanding of time travel is based on the fact that
we know about the physical properties and relationships of the Universe. At the same time we
decided that a group of mathematicians, quite far removed from physics will be
to describe physical laws at the microscopic level, and called it
quantum physics. This group also put forward a powerful theory about
the existence of “bridges and Einstein-Rosen”, named after two scientists,
who made the greatest contribution to our understanding of this topic.

“bridges” is much more commonly called “kraevymi the holes” or “wormholes”,
because they are similar holes dug in space-time. If we
could use them, then the closest path between two points in
space-time would be represented by not a straight line, and zero, which is associated with
“piercing” of space-time at point of departure and point
purposes, like piercing holes in the sheet of paper; then there would be
instant folding of space-time, while two points are not reached
would contact with each other, and then the traveler could
to move from point A to point B, and the space-time turned
if in its original position. This would not require any
physical effort, although the destination could be on another
the end of open at that time part of the Universe, and the spacecraft is not
approached if not surpassed the speed of light, he would just

Looks like it would give the opportunity to travel in
the past without achieving the speed of light, but no one takes into account
what happens inside the “wormhole”. Physicists have no idea
about it, and sometimes admit the possibility that the inside of the burrow is not
there are no laws of physics, as we know them, or they were not
exist. If we try to understand the journey through
“mole holes” from the point of view of physics, then we don’t even have a starting point
for research, and we have not even passed this first stage.

6. No Tourists from the Future
a little deviate from mathematics, because the theory, which is firmly
adhere to the bright minds of the mathematical community, including Stephen
Hawking already has the quite reasonable understanding of the evidence,
that travel above the speed of light is impossible as far as we know,
among us there are no people from the future. For this purpose academics and even
simple old fans of science fiction created the meeting,
they discussed the matter, waiting for guests from the future. The idea
was that in the future people would know about these meetings exactly
well, as we now know about the Second world war; to us it is history. So,
if time travel ever become a reality
travelers have long had to come back from the future and prove
the possibility of such movements.

But, of course, nothing
did not happen, and since we’re talking about a whole future with
until the end of time, there must be quite a lot of travelers
from different aspects of the future that appear in different moments
his past. But there is an amusing criticism of this view,
namely, the fair question: “how is it that someone will
to return to our time? Travel in September 1, 1939 still has
some sense, but in today’s day? If they wanted about anything
to warn us, what would it be? That they would come back with some
brilliant philosophy about how to create peace in the world?”

you can move at any time in the past, where only
wish. What you want to see? 90% or even more
prospective travelers will want to find out there was
whether Jesus Christ in fact. But would you want to return to
currently, to avert the impending war between Israel and
Hamas? So far no one has tried.

5. The Twin Paradox
the paradox examines in more detail the journey to the future. It
implies a theoretical story about two babies, absolutely
identical twins, one of whom remains on Earth and the second
traveling to Proxima Centauri, the nearest star, on the
a distance of 4 light years. If a space ship will move
at speed equal to 80% of the speed of light that, oddly enough, it seems
quite realistic, journey, round trip is 10 years. It
means that remaining on Earth twin will be 10 years older when
his brother will return.

But on the ship the team is watching the
Proxima Centauri and the Earth are moving relative to the spacecraft, and
this leads to the fact that the distance from point A to point B is reduced
2.4 light-years, instead of 4. Each segment of the path is a 2.4 GHz light
year, which, divided by speed – 80% of the speed of light – will be
the flight duration is 3 years, 6 years round trip. Thus,
twin on Board, will increase by 6 years during the same period
time. It does not seem logically impossible.

But what looks
absolutely impossible, so that if one of the twins will
travel on 101% or more of the speed of light. This will force it
at least according to the above-mentioned scenario as we understand it,
go back in time and cease to exist, i.e. disappear from the Board
of the ship, and go back to his brother on the Ground.

4. E = MC squared.
famous equation in the history of mathematics describes the equivalence
of mass and energy. Notoriously, in 1942 it was
used as a great idea to create new and powerful weapons.
Einstein had no idea that his creation could be used to
a larger and more sophisticated bombs, and just cried when
Enrico Fermi and Robert Oppenheimer explained what was happening in
Oak ridge, town in Tennessee.

In addition to explaining how
energy is in a object with some mass, the equation also
provides an explanation of what happens to the mass when it
moves faster. Moving faster than any body, the more
energy is required in order to support this movement. If the object
reaches the speed of light, it reaches infinite mass, and therefore,
requires infinite energy to continue its movement.

not makes it impossible to travel in the future, because all
it is necessary for this object to reach the speed of light. In fact, you
move into the future, even when you go to the kitchen to take a bottle
beer. The distance that you will move in the future, too
slightly to worry about him. But, technically, you
also growing in exactly the same negligible amount of mass. Energy
necessary in order to move a large object, such as
the spacecraft, at any significant distance into the future, if
to adhere to our coordinate system, is greater than or equal to the energy
enclosed now in VY Canis major the largest star known among

But exceeding the speed of light will move the traveler to
the past, and it would require unlimited, or even more than
limitless amounts of energy. And it is impossible to achieve.

3. Time Loop
the paradox also considers one particular scenario: the first invention
time machine. The inventor goes back to the past in an attempt
make their grandparents fall in love with each other, and accidentally
kills his grandfather (see # 2). Then, not wanting to disappear from the future
he sleeps with his future grandmother and becomes the father of his father, making,
thus, their existence possible that in the future again
go back in time, again to become the father his father and so on.

the paradox is illogical, because it describes the effect in the future,
what happened before will it cause in the past. Imagine
you had to go back to the Big Bang, some
way to make a Big Explosion and using this to create a Universe. At
the rules of fate it will give you the opportunity to be born through 13.5 billion
years to create a time machine and go back in time to create
The universe that the time machine could be invented. And then this
the process initially makes no sense.

2. The Time Paradox
the paradox, essentially a negative version # 3, which is also called
“the grandfather paradox”. A journey into the past will be absolutely
impossible, because it will give the opportunity to go back in time and kill
himself. But if you die, then who goes back in time to kill
yourself? Critics, and especially fans of science fiction, right
the same answer that our understanding of mathematics evolves every day
thanks to people like Newton, Einstein, Hawking and Michio Kaku, and
it comes and develops an understanding of the logic of time travel.

at the moment, the argument against the paradox of time is
The multiverse, which is filled with an infinite number of projections
one and the same person, making an infinite number of things in
an infinite number of moments of your life. You can stab a hundred
years in a drunken brawl in another Universe, but you will die from cancer,
as a child, in this. Our current understanding of quantum mechanics and
quantum physics gives many reasons for the existence of
Multiverse. This means the resolution of the time paradox and
some others, and it will give you future after you killed yourself
the past. But there is still no fully formed theory of the existence of
The multiverse, and while its existence has not been proven, time
the paradox takes place.

1. The Lack Of A “Theory Of Everything”
speaking, the previous articles are based more on logic than on pure
mathematics, however, we can only build puzzles for the whole
as for time travel, based on our surface
the understanding of this issue. The whole life of albert Einstein was focused
on what we now call Relativity. He created two theories about
her, but the next stage, more important, was to connect the General theory
of relativity with electromagnetism. Einstein died without completing the job
on it, and today’s “great minds” also have gone near him.
“Higher” form of modern mathematics is called “M-theory”, which
was still not fully contained. It’s practically a religion for
mathematicians, because it is so obscure and not understood that
some don’t even believe it.

This theory describes 11 dimensions
Of the universe instead of the usual 4, and leaders in her study of expect it
will be able to combine the 5 different string theories that preceded it; and
to think that may be the only remaining step to her
formation: the Association of physical characteristics and laws of all 4
fundamental interactions of the Universe. “M-theory” is looking for in terms
contact General Relativity and Quantum Gravity from the point
of view of unification of all 4 interactions. To do this means to look
from a mathematical point of view on how the universe began and how
it evolved when there was an infinitely small point of creating a whole
the matter and energy contained within it. Understanding this
the level of physics would require a mathematical understanding of how to manage
space-time, and project time in the future and return time
in the past. But no one will combine all 4 in one interaction
physical education, covering every segment
space-time, we will not be able to achieve “any time”.

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