Why whales jump out of water?

Humpback whales are known for the love to effective jumps from water which are followed by the roaring blows of fins and myriads of splashes. However why it is necessary for whales? ​ to find out it, biologists of the Australian Queensland university watched behavior of 94 groups of gorbachy (Megaptera novaeangliae) as directly, and by means of acoustic monitoring, tags, etc.

Scientists noticed that whales actively jump and make a lot of noise when nearby – within 4000 m – there is other group of gorbachy. If the distance is more than it, such activity sharply falls down. The report for work is published in the Marine Mammal Science magazine, in article scientists assume that this function of this behavior – social.

According to this version, jumps and sounds accompanying them serve as the communication medium for various group activities. Really, according to authors of work, whales jump more willingly and rustle when there is a separation or consolidation of groups, or to group of whales the beginner proisoyedinyatsya.

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