With each meal we use plastic particles

During each meal, a person eats about 100 microplastic particles, according to a study by Scottish scientists.

How do the pieces of plastic get into food? Researchers associate the origin of the inedible “ingredient” of everyday dishes with household appliances, furniture and textiles that are in every home. The particles of microplastic are separated from household items and, together with the dust, settle on the dishes.

To measure the volume of plastic falling into food, scientists placed dust traps next to the dishes. In just 20 minutes, they found 14 plastic particles, which consist of 114 plastic fibers.

It is interesting that, despite the pollution of the oceans, there is less plastic in seafood than in food in an ordinary apartment. For example, one mussel contains only two particles of microplastic.

According to the authors of the study, a person swallows about 68 thousand plastic fibers per year, which can be dangerous to health.

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