Women do not fall in love with “macho” because of hormones

The myth that women prefer macho men with high hormone levels has been debunked by scientists from Glasgow University in Scotland. Their study, published on the Sage Journal website, showed that hormone levels have no effect on women’s preferences and do not make them fall in love with such men.

For the experiment, the scientists needed more than 600 women. They were asked to assess the attractiveness of several dozen young men. During the study, biologists showed the women two photos of the same man. In one picture, the man had a more masculine appearance, and in the other – more feminine. After evaluating the photos, the scientists collected saliva samples from the women and measured the levels of various hormones. The experiment was repeated some time later.

However, the results of the study were unexpected. The level of sex hormones had no effect on the women’s preferences. Despite the fact that many assumed that women would prefer men with higher hormone levels, it turned out that they preferred men with a more masculine appearance.

This study completely reverses the notion that a man’s attractiveness is determined by his hormone levels. Women were found to be more attracted to men with a more masculine appearance, which may be related to other factors such as facial symmetry or facial expression.

There are several explanations for this phenomenon. One is the evolutionary theory. According to this theory, a masculine appearance may indicate good health and strength in men, which is important for the survival and reproduction of offspring. Another explanation could be related to social norms and stereotypes that shape perceptions of male attractiveness.

While the results of this study are significant, they do not rule out the possibility of other factors influencing male attractiveness. Individual preferences of women may vary, and each woman may have her own criteria for attractiveness.

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