Women have more disturbing dreams

Strange life, as you can describe existence during a pandemic, affects our dreams and dreams, making them strange. But it turns out that this affects women more than men.

Women are more likely to perceive problems closer to their hearts, which is why they have to suffer even in their sleep, in contrast to men, who have little difficulty in sleeping.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected women’s dreams more than men’s dreams, according to a new international study published in Dreaming.

“I studied dreams during various crises: Americans after 9/11, Kuwaitis after the Iraqi occupation, as well as the dreams of people who went to Nazi POW camps,” says study author Deidre Barrett, associate professor at Harvard Medical School and author of Pandemic Dreams. “Therefore, as soon as the pandemic began, I was interested to know how dreams would be similar to dreams during other crises and what differences they might have.”

The online survey, which was attended by 2,888 people, was conducted from March 23 to July 15. The Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count programs were used to analyze the answers. A total of six emotions were studied, including anxiety, anger and sadness. The data was then compared to a database of dreams collected before the pandemic.

The main difference between pandemic and pre-pandemic dreams is associated with death, and this topic emerged in them three times more often. At the same time, the women had the lowest level of positive emotions and the highest level of anxiety and anger.

Men also showed increased levels of negative emotions and anxiety, including death images, but the increase was not significant.

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