Your TVs are watching you

The company Samba TV admitted that special equipment for collecting information about the interests and preferences of people installed on 14.4 million Smart TV devices.

The software for collecting data on viewers is installed on certain models of “smart TVs” Sony, Sharp and Phillips. Initially, the program was created in order to recommend people the programs and films based on their preferences.

However, an investigation conducted by New York Times journalists showed that the program from Samba TV has much more “powers” in the homes of viewers. It can intercept a Wi-Fi connection and find out what you are looking for on the Internet. From the clever program, nothing will disappear: no gadget models, no political preferences, no your current location (if you are not at home)

At the same time, Samba TV does not deceive anyone. People who agree to install tracking software simply do not finish the user agreement until the end – a joke, 6500 thousand words. And there it is vaguely stated that Samba TV will “search for your gadgets exclusive content and unique offers.”

Eshvin Navin, executive director of Samba TV, does not see anything terrible happening. According to him, the user agreement is absolutely transparent. “We frankly disclose the principle of the work of our program – it simply collects information from the screen and issues recommendations. And we fully inform users about what information and why we collect, “says Navin.

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