Zika virus can fight cancer

Laboratory mice with a brain tumor felt better when they introduced the virus Zika.

Already more than once there was information that some deadly virus, which took and continues to carry away a huge number of human lives, suddenly somehow magically can heal a person from other serious diseases.

This time, Brazilian scientists found that the virus of Zika can reduce brain tumors. To this conclusion, scientists came in the experiment, when laboratory mice with the last stage of a brain tumor were injected with a certain dose of the virus Zika. To the surprise of the researchers, the virus began to strike first of all not healthy ones. A tumor cells, leading to a decrease in tumor and an increase in survival in mice.

If you are interested in this study, it is detailed in the journal Cancer Research in the April 26, 2018 issue. The findings are encouraging scientists to the effect that in vivo Zyck’s virus can be used as a tool for the treatment of aggressive human central nervous system tumors (CNS).

After injecting small amounts of pathogenic microorganism into the brains of mice with late disease, scientists observed a significant reduction in tumor mass. And in some cases, the tumor was completely destroyed, even where the disease metastasized into the spinal cord.

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