14 US states will plunge into darkness on August 21

The territories of 14 US states will plunge into total darkness during a total solar eclipse on August 21.

The total darkness will last approximately 2 minutes. The first place on the continental US, where you can see the eclipse, will be the Yaquina Head lighthouse in the vicinity of the city of Newport, Oregon. There it will be observed from 9.04 am local time (19.04 Moscow time).

Basically, according to the portal, in total darkness, sparsely populated areas will sink. In addition to Oregon, this will affect individual territories in the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina. One of the few large cities that completely plunges into darkness will be Nashville (Tennessee). In addition, a complete eclipse can be observed in selected areas of Kansas City (Kansas) and Kansas City (Missouri).

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