17 best pictures of Cassini for the 2016th year

Unfortunately, for Cassini the come 2017th year will become the last in life. Less than in 10 months the device will enter the atmosphere of Saturn and will be destroyed by it. So most to remember what for a mission last year was given. It is a selection of the best photos of Cassini for the 2016th year according to his scientific team.

The summer came to the northern hemisphere of Saturn. The visual certificate to it is the truncated shadow from the planet which does not reach edge of its rings any more.


Clouds of Saturn in IR spectrum (colors simulated).

The changing hexarutting. Cassini recorded seasonal decolourization of the well-known storm on the North Pole of Saturn.

North Pole of Enceladus. It is quite possible that this satellite will become a main objective for the next mission for the program of “New boundaries”.

Night and day on Saturn. On a photo it is at the same time possible to see both night side of the planet, and brightly lit rings. A small point on the edge of rings in the top left-hand corner — the satellite Prometheus.

Radar image of dunes Shangri-La. As well as almost everything on the surfaces of Titanium, the sand composing them consists of hydrocarbons, the laden down of the atmosphere of the satellite.

Diona’s contrasts. On a photo the conducted hemisphere of the moon is imprinted. Conducted call the party of the satellite, counter to that to which it is sent on the course of the movement on an orbit.

Satellite Epimetya close up.

Y-shaped break on Enceladus.

Tefiya against the background of rings of Saturn.

Ban’s companion and Enke’s break-up formed by it.

Structure of rings of Saturn.

Indignation in F ring. Most likely it is caused not by external forces (like the satellite imprinted on a photo Pandora), and the small object located in the ring.

North Pole of Saturn.

Fancy combination of rings of Saturn and the shadows cast by them on the surface of the planet. In the center of dividing interval ring (so-called division of Enke) it is possible to see a small point. It is the 35-kilometer companion of Ban, whose gravitation and created this gap.

Mimas against the background of planet rings.

Rings of Saturn. On a background it is possible to see Dion’s companions and Epimetya.

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