3D-printer printed anti-radiation shields onboard the ISS

For quite a long time the “inflatable” BEAM module has been successfully operating in the US segment of the ISS. It employs special sensors that monitor the environment and collect data on cosmic radiation. To study its effect, it was decided to equip the sensors with special radiation shields. Here’s the handy 3D-printer, manufactured startup Made in Space and is designed for printing three-dimensional objects in weightlessness.

The result of this work was the shields printed by the astronauts directly onboard the ISS. The thickness of the products was from one to ten millimeters. The difference is due to the fact that cosmonauts want to investigate the effect of radiation on sensors with different degrees of protection.

According to the head startpa Made in Space, print objects in space will allow the ISS crew many necessary things on the spot – so they can save time and more efficiently perform their tasks.

Now the cosmic radiation is very dangerous to the human body, so BEAM recently there carry out various experiments, the goal of some of them – to study the effects of radiation on the body of cosmonauts. Valuable information collected in the course of these studies can be useful in the future when people finally went to Mars or a lunar orbit.

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