A geomagnetic storm is predicted on Earth

According to the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a geomagnetic storm is expected on the planet on January 15. The reason is called a high-speed flow of solar wind, which moves towards our planet…

The latest SWPC update says that the area of impact will be mainly at the pole of 60 degrees of geomagnetic latitude. In this area on Earth, fluctuations in the electrical grid are possible. In space there may be an impact on satellites. Elsewhere, polar lights may brighten skies farther south than usual; aurora may be visible in high latitudes in the northern U.S., such as northern Michigan and Maine.

“A geomagnetic storm is expected late Jan. 15 as a recurring high-speed negative polarity coronal hole flow (CH HSS) becomes geoeffective,” according to the latest SWPC forecast.

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