A meteorite exploded in the sky over Puerto Rico

A powerful flash of blue light illuminated everything around when a meteorite exploded in the sky over Puerto Rico, entering the dense layers of the earth’s atmosphere.

A meteorite exploded over the night sky in Puerto Rico around 07:45 UTC (03:45 LT) on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Trajectory suggests it was moving over the Mona Channel towards Dececheo, according to the Society for Astronomy of the Caribbean (SAC) …

“It was a cosmic rock, probably a few meters in diameter, that exploded in the atmosphere,” said SAC Vice President Eddie Irizarri, noting that the meteorite had left a trail of smoke for 30 minutes.

“At first it looked blue-green and then a little orange, which suggests that the space rock may have been composed of magnesium and sodium,” he describes.

“Images taken by one of our cameras looking at the sky from the opposite direction (east) show that the meteorite illuminated the entire sky for a few moments and turned night into day,” he added.

After analyzing the area of ​​the sky where the fireball flew, Irizarri said it was not part of the Taurid meteor shower.

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