A meteorite exploded over central Europe

A ball of fire swept across the sky over Central Europe at approximately 13: 33 UTC on Monday, April 6, 2020. The American Meteorite Society (AMS) received 350 messages about this event, including from eyewitnesses from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. This is the 5th meteorite fall report coming from Europe on April 1.

Based on the calculated trajectory of the movement, the meteorite moved from southwest to northeast, from the area near the municipality of St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Austria, to Steinbach am Attersee.

Most of the messages came from observers from Slovenia, in particular from the regions of Aidovschyna, Celje, Church, Domzale, Dravgrad, Grozuplke, Idria, Kroper, Kranj, Lenart, lithium, Ljubljana, Lutomer, Logac, Jesenice, Kamnik, Mozier, Nova Gora, Skofya-Loka, Smarie-pri-Yelsakh and Zalets.

Other reports also came from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Bavaria in Germany; Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy; Carnten in Austria; Zagreb in Croatia and Switzerland.

Many countries in Europe report numerous meteor events since the beginning of April.

On April 1, three fireballs exploded for three consecutive hours – two over Belgium and one over South Germany.

On April 4, a very bright ball of fire illuminated the night sky over the north-eastern Netherlands, near the border with Germany. This event was observed in France, Denmark, Luxembourg and even in England.

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