A meteorite fell in the sky over Quebec and Ontario

Quebec and Ontario residents witnessed a spectacular sight Friday night as the brightest “fireball” streaked across the night sky.

One cottage resident near St. Agatha described a fluorescent green ball with a red tail that was visible for about five seconds, and some Twitter users described the ball as bright blue.

Mark Andrew, who lives in L’Epiphany, told CTV that he saw a bright orange-red colored orb flying from the northwest.

“I’ve seen shooting stars, but I didn’t see anything like that,” he said, adding, “It was exactly like a movie.”

Paul Simard is president of the Montreal RASC, part of the pan-Canadian network under the auspices of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada:

“Observations showed that it was blue, so it may have a high concentration of magnesium in it, or it may have arrived very quickly (meteorites that arrive very quickly glow brighter and have a bluer color than slower ones that have a more reddish color).”

Kareem Jaffer, professor of physics and astronomy at John Abbott College, explained what the different colors indicate.

“The bluish color indicates a strong magnesium content, and the red/orange color, also reported, indicates oxygen/nitrogen and possibly sodium. Iron gives a yellow hue,” Jaffer said, noting that if you see green flashes, it means magnesium, iron and possibly nickel.

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