A mysterious object discovered in the quasar MG 0414 0534

Astronomers noticed a mysterious dim object in the vicinity of the quasar observed with the help of natural gravitational lenses in the form of four different images, and abbreviated as MG 0414 0534. This object, which was discovered using a radio telescope Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), may be rich in dust, a dark dwarf galaxy or a galaxy Sverigehuset (ultra-diffuse galaxy, UDG).

Quasar MG 0414 0534 shows a distinct anomaly of the light flux, observed as a red shift when observed in the optical and near-infrared bands. This anomaly leads scientists in bewilderment, because its nature is not completely clear.

To clarify the origin of this anomaly in the new study, a team of scientists under the leadership Kaiki Taro Inoue (Kaiki Taro Inoue) from the University of kinki, Japan, conducted observations of the quasar MG 0414 0534 using the ALMA Observatory. The result of these observations was the discovery of the faint object emitting the flux of radiation with a spectral density of 0.3 mJy, in the vicinity of the quasar. The object has linear dimension of the order 16300 light years and a total mass of about one billion solar masses, while the mass is held in this dust is approximately 10 million solar masses.

This object can be full of dust dark dwarf galaxy, and Sverigehuset galaxy, i.e. a galaxy with a very low density of stars, the authors of the article. To ascertain the true nature of this mysterious object dim requires more research, they say.

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