A powerful geomagnetic storm unexpectedly began on Earth

Powerful outbreaks of the aurora began on Earth this morning, but there was no geomagnetic storm. No flares on the Sun, the solar wind flux is weak 500 km / s, but now, without “swinging”, a powerful geomagnetic storm has begun, reaching the red values ​​of the Kr6 level

The strength of the earth’s magnetic field has dropped sharply, but has not yet reached zero values. The field is unstable, but so far its power remains at low levels.

The geomagnetic storm is very powerful – people with poor health, heart problems, and blood pressure problems are better off. If possible, stay at home, if this is not possible, carry all the medicines you need with you.

We will monitor the development of the geomagnetic storm and how the magnetic shield of our planet will react to it.

The very reason for such a powerful geomagnetic storm is not clear. NASA does not write anything about the reasons for this particular storm, but the other day NASA published a small note:

March is the most geomagnetically active month of the year.

Why? This is the Russell-McFerron effect. Cracks open in the Earth’s magnetic field during the weeks close to the equinoxes. The solar wind ignites geomagnetic storms. In fact, this is happening right now.

What’s really going on here is the question …

Such levels of geomagnetic storms usually result in increased seismic and volcanic activity, and a powerful earthquake or volcanic eruption should be expected.

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