Amazing news NASA about Pluto: This World is Alive!

Can NASA make an amazing statement about Pluto? Only about 10% of all available data collected along the New Horizons mission have been processed by NASA until now. However, the fact that they found this relatively short period of time was enough for Dr. Alan stern, a senior researcher leading the New Horizons mission to publicly Express their excitement about what they found. He claims that NASA has news for the public that will amaze her and called micro planet “alive”.

He said that NASA told him not to speak publicly about the so-called “news” before they will hold their official press conference, but he did tell the audience at a University lecture that Pluto has weather, it has a haze in the atmosphere and geologically active.

I’m smitten.This world is alive. The mysterious nature of the speech of Dr. stern that found the New Horizons mission has led to neterpeniem to wait for the NASA.. there were many different assumptions about what NASA is going to announce, with some hope that they could even tell what found life in the smallest planet in our Solar System. However, to their great disappointment, NASA has released a tweet on his official account , which States that there will be no ads.

They argued that the talk about the upcoming conference was just a false rumor and that the words Dr. stern was completely misinterpreted. This is despite the fact that Dr. stern just said that NASA will make a statement that leaves little room for misinterpretation of his words. Now people are starting to wonder what the space Agency are trying to hide from the General public.

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