An exoplanet with a stable climate is found

As part of a new study that was conducted by astronomers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, it was found that the exoplanet, located 500 light years from us, has similar features to the Earth.

It’s about the planet Kepler-186f, which is outside of our Solar System. This is the first detected exoplanet, which has the size of the Earth. In addition, it rotates around the star at a distance that allows to have water on the surface of the planet in a liquid state and to receive a minimum amount of hazardous radiation. This means that this exoplanet is located in the inhabited zone and could well be inhabited.

In order to arrive at similar conclusions, astronomers used the method of computer simulation. With the help of this method, they determined the dynamics and rotations and the axis of rotation of the planet. The angle of inclination of the planet can change with time.

The axial slope contributes to a change in seasons and climate, because this factor determines how sunlight hits the surface of the planet.

The researchers suggest that the Kepler-186f axial slope is very stable, much like the Earth. This gives scientists the confidence that this exoplanet has regular seasons and a stable climate.

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