Ancient galaxy surrounded by a halo of light

Astronomers found that each of the ancient galaxy in the Universe surrounded by a halo of the ancient of scattered light.

The light that keeps a history of the creation of the world

The discovery was made by David Collected from University of Lancaster and his colleague Jorrit Matty from Leiden University. They analyzed the radiation of galaxies located at a distance of 11 million light-years from Earth.
Astronomers tried to understand why even in the most distant and ancient galaxies, where the rate of birth of stars thousands of times higher than in the milky Way, limanowska radiation dominates, although it is the most powerful component of the light of the stars. Previously, astronomers studied the energy limanowska photons and their redshift only for determining the distance to distant stars and galaxies.

Scientists have discovered that halos of light around ancient galaxies is rather dull and consists of limanowski photons. These particles move from one molecule to another, overcoming in total distances of hundreds of thousands of light years. Light halos retain traces of the evolution of ancient galaxies, which in the past formed the first stars in the Universe.

Limanowska photons have a high energy and emit hydrogen, which was in the most hot and bright stars. In the spectrum of such particles is located in one narrow section in the ultraviolet part of – it’s called a series, or a forest of Lyman.

Methodology Gathered and Matty built on the analysis of the actual share simanovskogo radiation in the glow of galaxies along the lines of helium in the spectrum. Experts have found that about 94.5% of limanowskiego radiation not leave the limits of the nuclei of galaxies. In the initial stages of the formation of the Universe the photons fall into the clouds of neutral hydrogen. Due to the movement of photons between the molecules of hydrogen the light from the stars slowed and dissipated.

Clouds of photons surrounded the ancient galaxies like a light ghosting. Limanowska radiation though pretty dull, but covers twice the area than the galaxy.

The next step scientists to understand why and how the “brake” photons, forming halos around ancient galaxies. This will help to shed light on the formation processes of stars, the birth and death of galaxies in the past.

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