Are the Terrans to the meeting with the aliens?

Mysterious unidentified flying object 1991 VG is not the first decade dominates the minds of ufologists and astronomers. First 1991 VG rapprochement with our planet was recorded in 1975. Next time the mysterious object appeared nearby in 1991. Now it is expected the new appearance of the object this summer. Do I need to fear?

Skeptics claim that it was space junk, but ufologists believe that this alien spacecraft. And manned. In any case, experts have calculated its trajectory and prepare the equipment for observation. It is expected that he will proceed over the Southern hemisphere of the Earth.

According to estimates NASA, around the Earth, now flies about 5 thousand tons of debris — fragments of solar panels, loose nuts, broken satellites, upper stages of launch vehicles, and so on. About how dangerous these “waste”, said the real fact. 28 January 2013 the Russian scientific nanosatellite BLITS suddenly disappeared from the screens. BLITS shattered, faced with a fragment of space debris measuring just 0,017—0,019 grams! However, he moved with a speed that exceeds the speed of the racing car — 8 km/s.

Recently, on January 25 — past Earth headed asteroid 2017 BX the size of a regular bus (about 14 meters). He was discovered online Observatory Slooh and NASA classification included in the group of Apollo — earth bodies that cross the orbit of the planet from the outside. But, according to experts, 2017, the BX was too small to cause great harm.

However, there are at least five really dangerous space objects.

Previously, the most formidable was considered the asteroid 2004 MN4 (Apophis). Now, however, NASA has practically excluded the possibility of collision with the Ground. But this does not mean that the threat has disappeared completely. Another date waiting for us in 2036.

And four years earlier, in 2032, the planet is close to the object 1950 DA. Its diameter is 1.4 kilometers long. The maximum rapprochement will occur on March 16, 2880.

The visits to Earth of asteroid 2011 AG5 (fall — will not fall, no one knows) will be held in 2036, 2040, 2045, 2046, 2051, 2052 and 2057.

2007 VK184, an asteroid might collide with us in June 2048.

Main potentially hazardous object for the Earth, according to NASA, now is the asteroid 101955 (1999 RQ36) Ben. The possibility of collision with him is between 2169 2199 for the year.

Whatever it was, NASA scientists believe it is the real existence of aliens. At least, they are completely serious promise to find them for the next 20 years. A well-known physicist, Nobel laureate Stephen Hawking warns:

In the Universe 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. It is unlikely that Earth is the only place where life develops. But imagine that the aliens may exist in giant space ships, destroying all the resources of their native planet. In this case, the contact with them will be a disaster for us — the same as for American Indians the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Our civilization will be destroyed. Are we ready for this?

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