Asteroid 1998 OR2 will approach Earth today

And here he is. Today, April 29, the 1998 asteroid OR2 flies past the Earth at a distance of 6.29 million km – about 16 times farther than the moon. This radar image from Arecibo shows that the asteroid has an approximately spherical shape and sizes from 1.84 to 4.11 kilometers

There is no danger of collision with the Earth. However, the span is close enough for amateur astronomers to see space rock through telescopes.

At the closest approximation on April 29, at about 5 56 Eastern time (09: 56 UTC), 1998 OR2 will shine like a 10th or 11th magnitude star as it glides through the constellation Hydra.

On April 29 and the following days this celestial body can be observed not only through a telescope, but also through binoculars with good optics, in the presence of good weather conditions.

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