Asteroid Apocalypse

A new study reports that the biggest threat posed by the fallen to earth asteroid — not the strike itself, and the shock wave that it produces into the atmosphere. Air blast, which will produce burst into earth’s atmosphere, the asteroid, will be the main killer of men, regardless of destroyed the asteroid in the air or hit a surface.

Slightly less terrible news, the shock wave-the murderer must arise from a very populated area, so the effect was exactly that. And the best news — huge asteroid strikes are very very rare.

A normal asteroid orbits the Sun at a speed of 30 km/s. If at this speed, the asteroid will hit the Earth’s atmosphere, emitted a huge amount of energy. The shock wave, says the study’s lead author Clemens RAMPF from the University of Southampton (UK), will produce winds of tornado strength, which will carry a heap of rubble. The asteroid can be destroyed completely, but if he survives the journey through the atmosphere, hit the Ground, forming a crater, scattering debris for miles around and causing a strong earthquake. In a nutshell, it would be a very bad day for the Earth, especially for those accidents that will live near the place of impact.

To assess the risk of mortality from asteroids, RAMPF has considered three possible scenarios of the strike: an option when a celestial body is burned before it hit the ground

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