Astronomer: the approaching asteroid does not threaten the Earth

A researcher at the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, astronomer Leonid Yelenin said that the asteroid 2016 AJ193, which on August 21 will be at the minimum distance from the Earth (about 3.4 million km), will not collide with our planet.

According to the scientist, the probability of an object colliding with the Earth is zero. Yelenin calls this event “a fairly ordinary approach”, which is distinguished only by the large size of the asteroid. Its diameter is about 1.4 kilometers, TASS reports.

One of the assumptions: the celestial body was formed in the outer region of the main asteroid belt, for some reason it lost its balance, and the orbit gradually began to change. In addition to Earth, the asteroid can also approach Venus and Mars.

The scientist also noted that the asteroid’s observational arc, which is the time interval between its first and last observation, is more than 11 years, so astronomers were able to accurately calculate the object’s orbit.

The expert is confident that, taking into account the influence of gravitational disturbances from the Sun and other planets, the 2016 AJ193 object will approach the Earth and fly by.

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