Astronomers have discovered a new type of ring-shaped galaxies

In 359 million light-years from the Sun astronomers have discovered a galaxy of new type which we haven’t seen before.

Galaxy PGC 1000714 is a rare example of ring-shaped galaxies – types of galaxies in which the outer ring of young stars surrounds an older core. However, a detailed study of PGC 1000714 it turned out that the center of the galaxy lies in the center of not one but two concentric star rings – this type of galaxies scientists see for the first time. Among the most common types of galaxies – spiral, which include the milky way and elliptical.

First open koltseobraznoj the galaxy was the so-called Hoag object in the constellation Serpens. Koltseobraznyj galaxy object type of gait with a single ring are very rare, and the discovery of a galaxy with two very smooth rings is a unique case, explained co-author with Patrick Treuthardt from the Museum of natural Sciences North Carolina.

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