Astronomers have discovered an alien spacecraft that visited the solar system!

Astronomers using the PanSTARRS1 telescope in Hawaii have discovered an unusual space object.

According to scientists, it could be a comet that does not rotate around the Sun. According to scientists, further observations of this object are necessary to confirm the assumption that this cosmic object can be the first visual example of an interstellar comet.

Astronomers have never seen a comet that appeared from somewhere outside the solar system and not from the Oort cloud or the Kuiper belt. Due to the large eccentricity of the object’s orbit, it turns out that it flew from space outside the solar system in the direction of the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra.

The cosmic object was called Comet C.2017 U1. It has a diameter of about 160 meters and moves with a huge speed of 26 km per second!

The object passed at a distance of 38000000 km from our Sun, passing the Earth on October 14, 2017 at a distance of 24000000 km. This object is currently located between the orbit of Mercury and the Sun, at a distance of 5 times smaller than the distance between the Sun and the Earth. The object flew into the solar system almost perpendicular to the plane of the orbit of the Earth and other planets, moving along a hyperbolic trajectory.

Astronomers say that it is not yet clear whether this object will leave our solar system forever or return to the Sun after a while.

The pictures made by 25 October 2017 Telescope Very Large Telescope (VLT) facility was re-discovered and its characteristics indicate the absence of any cometary characteristics. The object was renamed to A / 2017 U1 due to the absence of the required attributes for the comet and now it is listed as an unknown asteroid.

At first this object was declared an interstellar comet, now an asteroid, in other words, astronomers simply can not determine the origin and origin of the mysterious object.

Maybe the thing is that this is not a comet or an asteroid, but the first officially registered alien spacecraft that visited our solar system?

Just think about the importance of this discovery – an interstellar spacecraft, piloted by highly advanced alien race visited our solar system, and it came with some kind of a planet located in the star Vega in the constellation Lyra.

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