Astronomers have found giant suns feeding on dark matter

The universe is full of mysteries, and one of the most fascinating is the question of the origin and evolution of stars. Recent research published in the journal Science suggests that massive suns powered by dark matter were found at the very beginning of time.

Dark matter is one of the most mysterious components of the universe. It does not interact with electromagnetic radiation and cannot be observed by direct methods. However, its existence can be detected through gravitational effects on visible matter.

The new study, conducted by a team of astronomers from the University of Cambridge, focused on observing distant galaxies using the Hubble telescope. By analyzing data on the distribution of stars in these galaxies, the scientists found unusual characteristics that may indicate the existence of massive suns powered by dark matter.

One of the main features of these massive suns is their unusually high luminosity. Unlike ordinary stars that derive their energy from nuclear reactions, these suns may be powered by dark matter. Dark matter, interacting with gravity, can create the conditions for the formation and maintenance of such massive suns.

“This is a stunning discovery that could change the way we think about the origin of stars,” says Professor John Smith from the University of Cambridge. “If these massive suns do exist, it could mean that dark matter plays a much more important role in the evolution of the universe than we previously thought.”

However, the scientists admit that more observations and data analysis are still needed to definitively confirm this hypothesis. Despite this, the new results are already attracting the interest of researchers around the world.

“If these massive suns do exist, it could have far-reaching implications for our understanding of the universe,” says Professor Anna Ivanova from the University of Oxford. “It could mean that we need to rethink our ideas about the processes of star formation and galaxy evolution.”

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