Astronomers presented a photo of an exotic galaxy

The image presented here was made by the wide-angle Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) camera, which is installed on board the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA / ESA).

The image shows a galaxy known as UGC 6093. It is a spiral galaxy with a central jumper with beautiful spiral arms. This object has an active core in the form of a supermassive, but rather compact black hole. As the black hole devours the surrounding material, it emits intense radiation, which makes the galaxy UGC 6093 brighter.

The UGC 6093 object belongs to exotic galaxies, since it functions as a giant astronomical laser, which scientists nicknamed mega-quantum generator. Megakvant generators, such as UGC 6093, can be about 100 million times brighter than the quantum generators found in such galaxies as the Milky Way.

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