Astronomers saw a double space impact

For the first time in one space, scientists were able to observe a powerful double impact.

Combining data Chandra x-ray Observatory (NASA) and giant telescope GMRT, which is located in India, scientists have discovered what happens in the collision of two giant galaxies.

“We have seen each of these exciting phenomena separately in many places,” said Viren Reinout Wang from Harvard-Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), – “However first we noticed this one in the same system.”

The massive collision of galaxies was discovered in galaxy clusters known as Abell Abell 3411 and 3412, which are about two billion light-years from Earth. Both of these galactic groups are very large – about a quadrillion solar masses.

In the collision of galaxies of these clusters one of the Central supermassive black holes have made a strong rotation, creating a giant particle accelerator. The strong magnetic fields associated with the structure, accelerated part of the inflowing gas away from the black hole. This process looked like a high-speed and high-energy jet emanating from the center of one of the colliding galaxies.

Then these accelerated particles in the jet were accelerated again when they faced enormous shock waves. So in one space scientists have observed a powerful double kick.

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