August 21, US residents will be able to see a total solar eclipse

American astronomers have warned of a total solar eclipse, which will occur on August 21.

The last time such an event was recorded in 1918, reports Nation News.

It is noted that the Moon, passing between the Sun and the Earth, will block the sunlight for 1.5 hours.

Scientists said that the followers of this event will be able to see two types of shadows: small (“dies”), due to which it will be possible to observe a solar eclipse, and penumbra, which will allow to see the natural phenomenon only partially.

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Virtually nothing in the four paragraphs above is correct.

As the date of the August 21 eclipse draws near, keep this important safety information in mind: You MUST use special eclipse safety glasses to view a partial eclipse and the partial phases of a total eclipse. To do otherwise is risking permanent eye damage and even blindness. The ONLY time it’s safe to look at a TOTAL eclipse without proper eye protection is during the very brief period of totality when the Sun is 100 percent blocked by the Moon. If you’re in a location where the eclipse won’t be total, there is NEVER a time when it’s safe to look with unprotected eyes. NEVER attempt to view an eclipse with an optical device (camera, binoculars, telescope) that doesn’t have a specially designed solar filter that fits snugly on the front end (the Sun side) of the device. Additionally, never attempt to view an eclipse with an optical device while wearing eclipse glasses; the focused light will destroy the glasses and enter and damage your eyes.

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